Everyone wants to be popular, but in order to become such, you need to have and develop a set of personal characteristics which will help you reach the top.

In order to make your lady popular, you have to develop her skills which form her popularity, which is not an easy, but also not-so-hard task. You can increase each of the characteristics either by performing different actions which give you Fashion points, or by paying directly with dollars. You can also receive different bonuses to these characteristics from boyfriends which can be found in the Clubs and Popularity bonuses which can be bought in the VIP shop.

Style – this is a characteristic which requires a balance when creating your look. Sometimes less is more, but sometimes extraordinary look makes the difference and can help you in your way to the Podium. So don’t be afraid of experiments and try different combinations for your lady look so she could win the votes of all the other ladies. In order to increase your Style, go to the Mall and buy some clothes. Every item bought from the Mall gives you Fashion points which will be added to your Style.

Creativity – shows the ability to use your imagination to produce new ideas and present them in the best way. If you set your imagination free and start thinking about the furniture decorations in a new way, you could create a unique atmosphere in your apartment. Innovative ideas for using the traditional furniture in a non-traditional way could be extremely helpful and could take you closer to the 1st place in the Apartment contest. In order to increase your Creativity, go to the Furniture store and buy some furniture for your apartment. Every item bought from the Furniture store gives you Fashion points which will be added to your Creativity.

Devotion – this is a characteristic showing the strong love to your pet. You don’t have just a pet – you’ve got a real friend which will be very thankful for all the care you take. Don’t forget to show your love to your pet – this way it will always be next to you, no matter if you feel sad or want to share your happiness. In order to increase your Devotion, go to the Pet shop and buy some clothes for your pets. Every item bought from the Pet shop gives you Fashion points which will be added to your Devotion.

Beauty – this is a characteristic owned by every girl on the Earth. However, sometimes it is possible for the beauty to be hidden somewhere behind tons of make-up and bad combination of clothes. So you should learn how to show the real beauty of your lady in order to be sure you have taken the right path to the popularity and Podium. In order to increase your Beauty, go to the Beauty salon and buy some changes in lady’s appearance. Every change made in the Beauty salon gives you Fashion points which will be added to your Beauty.

Generosity – shows the ability to share with others and make them happy without looking for something in turn. Generosity requires kindness and careful behavior toward others. Sooner or later your generosity will be rewarded and you will become more popular not only because of your trendy look, but also because of your attitude towards the others. In order to increase your Generosity you need to vote for other players for any of the contests. Every vote given gives you Fashion points which will be added to your Generosity.

Loyalty – shows the love your pet gives to your lady as a result of all the care it receives from her. Don’t forget to train your pets and take care of them – they would be thankful for the attention they are paid and will be your lady’s best friend forever. In order to increase your pets’ Loyalty you need to train them. Each time you train your pets you receive Fashion points which will be added to your pets’ Loyalty.

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