Fashion arena

Fashion arena is the place where you can challenge other ladies on fashion duels and win dollars and experience for your lady.

In the fashion duel you can compare your popularity characteristics with your opponent’s ones. The lady whose characteristics are better wins the challenge. The fashion duel is played in 3 rounds – in each of the rounds 3 of the popularity characteristics are chosen and are adjusted by a random percent (from 0 to 20). The selected popularity characteristics are compared and the lady, whose characteristics are better, wins the round. The lady who wins more rounds wins the challenge and as a reward she takes experience (if the opponent is on the same or on a higher level) and takes part of the opponent’s dollars. The result of the fashion duel could be also a tie – in this case none of the ladies participating in the duel wins or loses anything.

When you search for ladies to challenge you have the option to choose among ladies whose popularity is below, equal to, or higher than yours. You can also activate an “extended search” so you could search for your opponents by their level, too. Ladies can also be challenged from the rankings and from their profiles. No matter how you’re going to search for your opponents, you should have in mind that you can play fashion duels with ladies who are 5 levels around your level.

In order to play challenges on the Fashion arena, you need energy – 1 of your lady’s energy is consumed automatically when you challenge a lady on a fashion duel. Also, you have to know that you can’t challenge one and the same lady more than 5 times in a day and a lady can’t be challenged more than once in an hour. You can’t also send fashion duels while you are working, participating in a photo session and searching for supermodels.

Fashion duels are the best way to gain some extra money and experience so your lady could always bring some freshness to her wardrobe by spending the reward on trendy clothes at the mall.

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