Your lady needs money which she could spend on shopping – that’s why she needs to find a job.

In the FTV center there’s a plenty of free job positions so your lady should go and check there. But different jobs require different level of your lady so she should be more experienced and have some background in working before starting a better paid and more prestigious profession. Also different professions require different outfit, so your lady should look well and feel comfortable during the working day. Check the jobs available for your level and buy the required outfit from the mall so you could start working. Once you have the outfit required, you can start practising the chosen profession. We know that your lady’s time is always filled up to 100% so she could choose her working shifts every time she starts working – from 1 to 8 hours, depending on the other appointments she has. When she finishes her work, she will take the respective salary and will receive experience depending on the working shift.

By every level up, your lady will be paid better for the job done. But if you have the option to start a new profession and you haven’t bought the outfit required, your salary for your current profession will stop increasing and you’ll have to start practising the next profession if you want more money and experience.

In case you start working but suddenly you cancel your work and don’t finish your working shift, you won’t be paid and no experience will be given.

Note that while your lady is working she won’t be able to challenge other ladies on the Fashion arena, or participating in any of the FTV appointments – participating in a photo session and searching for supermodels to duel.

Start your career and check the options available for your lady – this way you can gain more experience faster and earn some money for shopping!

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