Your lady needs a place which she could turn into a home and create a unique atmosphere for her, her boyfriend and the cute little pet. That’s why you start the game with an apartment consisting of one room and a garden only, but as you advance in the game and become more experienced, you can add more rooms to your apartment! Each room added increases your income from your apartment. Every hour you receive dollars from your apartment and its amount depends on your level and the number of the rooms you have. The higher level you are and the more rooms you have, the bigger your hourly income from your apartment becomes.

You can choose from a great variety of furniture so you can decorate your home the way you like it. Just go to the Furniture shop and buy the furnishings you need. Try different combinations and add details which will turn the regular apartment into a designer’s home which deserves to be on a cover of an interior design magazine.

Show the other ladies your interior designer skills and you can even win a place in the apartment contest!

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