Your lady can’t stand being alone and needs a company – maybe some nice person who will be by her side and will support her in each of her initiatives. Also, she needs someone who will take care of her and will share her dreams. Help her find a boyfriend – just go to the Club and you can meet a nice guy who will take a good care of her.

In the Club you can meet boys with different professions and each one of them gives a bonus to one of your lady’s Popularity characteristic. Higher level boyfriends give a bigger bonus to your lady’s Popularity.

But don’t forget that you should take care of your boyfriend and keep him affected to you – kiss him and call him once in a while, go out on dates and send him different presents – he loves spending time together! Remember that if you don’t pay enough attention to your boy, he starts feeling sad and his happiness decreases.

Don’t let him go so easy and you have the chance to win a reward for all of your good care and attention!

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