Every lady needs a space big enough for the thousands of clothes and shoes she has! And when the lady has a pet (or more) the need of such a space where she can store all their clothes becomes ever greater!

That’s why from the beginning of your game, you have a wardrobe, where you can store all the clothes and accessories you buy for your lady and her pets. The wardrobe is big enough and divided into zones – for your lady’s clothes and for each of your pets’ ones. Each zone consists of different sections designed in such a way that you can always find everything you need – pants, coats, shoes, dresses, skirts, bags and so on.

In the wardrobe you can easily dress your lady up for any occasion – a business trip or a wild party. Just go to the wardrobe, choose clothes from the different sections, combine different colors and create brand new fashion trends!

If you don’t like the ordinary look, try something different by changing the order of the clothes on your lady by simply dragging the clothes on the right. In this panel you’ll see the clothes you have put on your lady and you can drag them up and down – this way you change their order and you can bring the top above the pants, for example. Try different variations – results could be amazing!

Remember that you can combine clothes from different sections, but you can’t put on your lady clothes from one and the same section (two different tops for example). Accessories are an exception – you can combine items from this section if their position on the lady’s body is different.

Once you like the clothes combination you create, just click “save” and you’re done for the occasion you’ve dressed up. If you fall in love with your outfit and you want to keep it and use it next time, just click “save outfit” and give it a name. This way your outfit will be saved and you could easily find it again when you need it by choosing it from the list with your outfits.

It’s almost the same in the pets’ wardrobe, too. You have separate wardrobes for each of your pets and in every wardrobe you’ll find the clothes and accessories you’ve bought for the selected pet. Your pets’ clothes are also stored in sections and you can combine the clothes from different sections. When you’re done, just save the outfit for your pet and that’s it!

Don’t be afraid of experiments and try different combinations with all the garments you can find at the Mall. Be sure you have all the clothes you need for any occasion and don’t forget to add some small trendy detail to your outfit, so your lady could be really stunning and unique!

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