Photo sessions

Participating in a photo session is a good way to earn some emeralds and make a special present for yourself – a nice celebrity hairstyle or a trendy accessory which will be the final touch to your look. And why don’t you use them to make your boyfriend happy by surprising him with a nice gift – he would love it!

Photo sessions require a time and while you’re participating in a photo session you can’t go to work and search for supermodels. Also you can’t challenge other ladies on the Fashion arena. After all, you have to pay all of your attention to the photo session and give your best! The chance for a successful photo session could be different every time. But you need to have some experience before starting a photo session – that’s why you should be patient and gain some experience by working until you reach the level required for participating in photo sessions.

But you can make your photo sessions less time consuming and more successful if you have the special photo session equipment (powder case, portfolio and camera) which can be bought from the VIP shop. Powder case and camera increase your chance for a successful photo session while the portfolio decreases the time needed for the photo session. The powder case and the camera help you to look well while on photo session, and the portfolio helps you to save your time because it shows you have a previous experience with photo sessions. Every time you start a photo session 1 of each of the photo session equipment items in your inventory is used automatically.

The successful photo session brings you emeralds which you can spend on whatever you want! So give yourself a chance for making the perfect gifts for your lady and her boyfriend!

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