Supermodels are the girls who are known for their fashion abilities. They are much more experienced in fashion shows – they know how to pose in front of the camera, how to walk on the catwalk, how to look gorgeous and how to become famous fashion models.

If you want to prove your fashion skills and abilities, you can try to find a supermodel and challenge her in the FTV center! Searching and finding a supermodel require time – supermodels are always busy and have some appointments. But once you find a supermodel, you can either challenge her, or if you still don’t feel so confident, you can give up fighting. While you are searching for supermodels, you can’t go to work, participate in photo sessions, and challenge other ladies on the Fashion arena.

In case you decide to challenge the supermodel, you should have in mind that dueling with supermodels is exhausting and you need more energy than the regular fashion duels with other players. But if you win the duel against a supermodel, you can gain great rewards – experience, dollars and emeralds! If you lose the challenge, you will lose some of the dollars you have.

Note that by every next duel you play with supermodels within the current day, they become stronger and more confident so you could need some of the bonuses available in the VIP shop if you want to increase your chance to win.

Be more confident and challenge supermodels! This is your chance for winning great rewards for your fashion skills!

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