If you think your lady is the most beautiful one and if you believe you have creative ideas for decorating your apartment – now you have the opportunity to prove it!

There are 3 contests – Podium, Apartment contest, and FTV Catwalk, which are based on the rating every lady has gained for the period of the respective contest (weekly or monthly). Rating is formed by receiving votes from other ladies and it defines the 3 winners in each of the contests. It is a great opportunity for you to prove the other ladies, that you deserve the title “Lady Popular”. Also, if you win any of the contests, you will receive great rewards for your fashion skills and ability to create unique combinations (no matter if it’s a speaking of creating an extravagant outfit, or using usual decorations for creating unusual home atmosphere).

If you want to support other ladies on their way to the top, you can give your vote for them in each of the contests. Moreover, voting for other ladies gives you Fashion points and helps you increase your generosity characteristic. Remember that when the period of the contest ends, ratings of all ladies will be reset to 0 and the new voting period will start, so the next contest winners to be elected.

And we know that right after entering the amazing world of fashion you need some time so you could put everything in your lady’s life in order – finding a home, meeting a nice boyfriend, buying a pet, and last but not least – adding some new fancy clothes to your wardrobe, you should know that you won’t be able to vote for other ladies until you reach level 5.

When you are already able to vote, there are three main things you should remember – you can’t vote for one and the same lady more than once in a day, you can’t vote for yourself, and once a lady wins all the rewards in one of the contests, you won’t be able to vote for her for this contest.

Don’t forget when you take the long way to the top and especially when you win any of the contests, that you should be a role-model for the rest of the ladies and you are a winner because of them.

Prove that you can be a fashion dictator and create new fashion trends which will help you conquer the world of fashion!

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