VIP Shop

VIP shop is the place where you can buy premium items for your lady so she could feel special. You know that diamonds are lady’s best friend, so don’t let your lady without having enough of them. You can buy diamonds from the VIP shop and after that you can spend them as you wish:

  • Convert them into dollars, so your lady could go shopping. The dollars you receive after diamonds exchange are added directly to your account – ready to be spent.
  • Use them for popularity bonuses which will help your lady increase her popularity. Every popularity bonus you buy is added to your inventory and you can consume it whenever you want. If you buy the same popularity bonus more than once, you have to wait for the previous one to expire in order to activate it again.
  • Activate talents for your lady so she could do everything with ease. Every talent you activate lasts for the specified period. If you buy the same talent more than once, the second talent will be automatically activated right after the first previous one expires (so, practically, you increase the duration of the talent).
  • Give your lady more energy so she couldn't get tired so fast. You can buy energy packs which will be added to your inventory. This way you don’t need to wait for the energy to refill, just consume the energy pack whenever you want and go back to the Fashion arena.
  • Increase the maximum energy of your lady. Every maximum energy pack increases your lady’s maximum energy right after you buy it and lasts for the specified period. This way your lady will be able to play more Fashion duels before her energy drops to 0.
  • Buy her equipment for more successful and not so long-lasting photo sessions. All photo session equipment items are added to your inventory and they are consumed automatically every time you start a photo session. Don’t let your lady go on a photo session without the necessary equipment because it decreases the time needed for the photo session and also gives your lady a better chance for success.

Each time you buy diamonds for your lady, you get closer to the next level in Lady Popular’s loyalty program which offers you different discounts at the Mall, the Furniture shop, and the Pets’ shops. You can receive one of the three loyalty cards – silver, golden and platinum, and take advantage of the great discounts each one of them offers.

It is our team’s way to say “Thank you!” to the most dedicated players!

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