Loyalty cards

Our team highly appreciates the time and the means you devote to our game, so we created Loyalty cards. Loyalty cards are designed for all the ladies who love shopping! Having a loyalty card means more shopping with spending less money!

The idea is to give our regular customers different bonuses and show our gratitude.

There are 3 types of Loyalty cards – Silver, Golden and Platinum, which give you different price discount of all items in the Mall, Pets’ shops, and Furniture shop. You can receive each one of the Loyalty cards depending on the amount of diamonds you have purchased for the last 30 days. Here is a table showing the different Loyalty cards, the requirements for receiving one, and the discount you can take advantage of:

Level Amount of diamonds purchased in the last 30 days Type of the Loyalty card Discount
1 0 – 199 diamonds No Loyalty card No discount
2 200 – 399 diamonds Silver Loyalty card 5%
3 400 – 699 diamonds Golden Loyalty card 10%
4 700 diamonds and more Platinum Loyalty card 15%

When you reach the amount of diamonds required for any of the levels within 30 days, you receive the respective Loyalty card and the discount it gives. Every Loyalty card has an expiry date which is 30 days. If you have a Loyalty card and purchase amount of diamonds needed for the next level within the due date of your Loyalty card, you will receive immediately the respective Loyalty card for the next level which is valid 30 days after receiving it. If you don’t purchase any diamonds or the diamonds purchased are below the required for your current level within the 30-days period, the Loyalty card is taken and the respective Loyalty card is given.

Example: On 01.01.2012 you purchase 250 diamonds and you receive a Silver card (it needs at least 200 diamonds). In the next 3 days you purchase an additional total of 200 diamonds and the total amount of diamonds you have purchased within the last 30 days becomes 250 +200 = 450, so your Silver card is replaced by a Golden card. After that you purchase a total of 150 diamonds for the next 30 days. In this case your Golden card will be taken away (after it expires) and you will not be given any Loyalty card because you haven’t fulfilled the requirements for any of the Loyalty cards.

You can use your Loyalty card right after you receive it! So don’t waste time and take advantage of the great discounts! More shopping, more fun!

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