Game currency

In Lady Popular there are 3 currencies – dollars, emeralds and diamonds, which you will need in order to help your lady become the most beautiful and popular girl.

You will need them to buy fancy clothes and change your lady appearance according to her mood. Also, you can decorate your lady’s apartment according to the latest interior design trends.

You can also keep the affection between your lady and her boyfriend by going on dates and sending him different gifts. He would love them and will be next to your lady for a long time.

If your lady feels like she wants to have more friends which will be next to her – buy her a cute pet, which will be thankful for the care she gives. She could have fun with her pet while training it and it would be always loyal and addicted to its owner. As a reward for the successful trainings, you can buy the pet cute clothes so it could be in harmony with your lady look.

You can earn some dollars from working and winning fashion duels on the Fashion arena. As your popularity grows and your lady reaches higher levels, she can start working for FTV. There she has the chance for winning some emeralds from photo sessions and duels with Supermodels. The emeralds can be used for unique dresses or new celebrity look. If you need some diamonds in order to take advantage of the most premium in-game services, you should visit the bank in the city and purchase the diamonds you need. Whether you will convert the diamonds into dollars, or you will use them directly – it’s up to you!

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