User settings

You have different setting which you can use in order to customize your profile and if you want to make some changes in it.

Profile – you can add some personal information for yourself (birthday, gender, some additional information and avatar) so other ladies could know you better.

Change lady name – you can change the name of your lady whenever you want. All you have to do is to think about a new name of your lady and type it in the field. The name you want to give to your lady must be unique and there must be no other lady using this name. The first change of your lady’s name is free.

Confirm e-mail – after registration you can confirm your e-mail and win a reward. If you choose to confirm your e-mail, an e-mail containing a confirmation code will be sent to you. Just enter the confirmation code in the box and you will receive your reward.

Change e-mail – you can change the e-mail you have used upon your registration. All you have to do is to enter your current e-mail and the new one. Note that changing your e-mail in Lady Popular will change the e-mail used for all of your accounts in any of the XS Software’s games!

Hotlinks – you can add some of the most visited pages in the game to your hotlinks so you could access them with one click only! Example: If you want to add the wardrobe as a hotlink, just type in the “Name” field “Wardrobe” and in the “Link” field “wardrobe.php”. You can add up to 10 hotlinks and you can change them at any time according to your preferences.

Friends in the game – you can add different ladies in the game to your friends list so they could be just one click away from you. Every time you want to say something to your friend in the game, just go to your friends list and send the message to your friend.

Opponents – you can add different ladies in the game to your opponents list so you could send them challenges without searching for them in the rankings or on the Fashion arena. Note that if your opponents become too strong or too weaker than you, you won’t be able to play fashion duels with them although they are in your opponents list.

Ignored ladies – you can add different ladies in the game to your ignore list, so they couldn’t bother you. If you add a lady to your ignore list, they won’t be able to send you personal messages and comments in the game while they are in your list.

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