Reset account

Creating a lady and turning her into the most popular girl sometimes is a matter of making decisions and following a certain strategy. If you feel that you have made the wrong decisions or you want to try a different strategy for your lady you can reset your account and start your game again from its very beginning.

If you choose to reset your account your current progress and all the items you have bought (clothes, accessories, furniture, etc.) will be lost. The only things that will be saved after the reset of your account will be the current amount of diamonds you have, your level in the loyalty program (Loyalty cards), your talents activated, the album and picture slots you have bought for your gallery, and the outfit slots you have bought in your wardrobe. If you have any recruited players, they will be saved, too.

Of course, your username, password and the e-mail you have provided upon your registration will be saved and won’t be changed.

If you are on level 5 or below, your account will be reset right after using this option. If you are on a higher level, you have 24 hours to reconsider your decision. If you change your mind, you can cancel the account resetting within these 24 hours. After the time is up, your account will be reset and you’ll have to start playing from the beginning.

Try different strategies for taking your lady to the top and make her the most popular girl in the world.

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