Lady clubs

It must be boring playing all on your own!

Lady clubs give you the opportunity to play in a team with other ladies and find more friends in the game! Take advantage of all the benefits of being in a club and develop faster in the game.

You have several options you can choose from in order to become a part of a Lady club:

  • create your own Lady club – if you choose this option, you will automatically become its president with all the responsibilities related to the Lady club management – from setting it up to reaching the top. This includes searching for and inviting ladies who could become your club members, approve or reject joining applications coming, changing roles of the club members so they could be able to help you with your club management related tasks, working on the Lady club development and improvement so it could become the best Lady club.
  • apply to some of the existing clubs – if you choose this option, all you have to do is to find the Lady club you want to join and send your application, and then wait for the president to accept your application. You can apply to join as many Lady clubs as you want, but once one of your applications is approved, all your active applications become unavailable.
  • accept an invitation from a Lady club – if you choose this option, you will have to wait for a club to choose you and invites you. You will receive the invitations in your Club messages. Once you accept an invitation, all active invitations sent to you become unavailable.

When you create a Lady club your role is “president”. You have the option to promote as many of your club members as you want to vice-presidents. You can also resign your “president” position, but you must give this role to another club member because there cannot be a Lady club without a president, and every club can have only one president.

When you join a Lady club your role is “member”. Later on, if you prove yourself as a good club member, the president could promote you to a vice-president so you could help in the Lady club development.

The maximum amount of members in every club is 50, but there are 3 roles with different options allowed (here are the main ones):

Option Member Vice-president President
Invite - - +
Accept application - - +
Kick out member - - +
Donate + + +
Buy club bonuses - + +
Improve club skills - + +
Challenge another club - + +
Change role - - +
Participate in club fight + + +
Club logo changing - + +
Club description changing - + +

Some of the main advantages of being a member of the club are the bonuses you receive from the skills you develop in the club. In order to enjoy these benefits you have to improve the skills and this will be possible after donating money in the club cash-box.

Members’ skills:

  • Hospitable (max level 50) – every level increases the maximum number of club members by 1
  • Popular (max level 50) – every level increases all popularity characteristics of all club members by 1%
  • Hard-working (max level 50) – every level increases the salary which every club member receives after working by 2%
  • Photogenic (max level 50) – every level increases the chance of getting 2 emeralds from a successful photo session every club member participates by 2%

Every level of the club skills has a different price. Although only the president and vice-presidents can increase the levels, all members can contribute donating dollars, emeralds or diamonds to the club cash-box.

All the means donated to cash-box can be used for:

  • Members’ skills improvements
  • Changing the logo and the name of the club
  • Starting club fights
  • Buying eggs and tomatoes that increase club’s chances to win fights

Members’ skills define the club’s level. The level is the sum of the current levels of all 4 skills. The maximum level every club can reach is 200.

Club challenges

Club challenges are fights between all members of two opponent clubs. Every club can have only one attack and one defence per day.

Only president and vice-presidents can challenge other clubs. When they select a club, they have to pick an hour during the next day when the fight will be held.

In order to participate in the fight the members of the attacker’s club have to sign up, otherwise their ladies won’t take part in the attack.

All members of the defender’s club participate in the fight automatically without signing up.

Participants in club challenge don’t need to be online at the time of the fight.

Club fight is a series of duels between ladies from opponent clubs.

When the club fight starts with the first duel, one lady from both clubs stand against each other and the popularity characteristics of both ladies are compared and subtracted from one another. The winner is the lady with more characteristics different than 0 left. If the result is even the sum of all characteristics left is compared and the lady having the bigger sum wins the duel.

The winner of the duel stays in the club fight with her popularity characteristics left from the previous duel and stands against the next lady from the opponent’s club.

The winner of the club fight is the club which has at least one member who hasn't lost a duel.

If ladies want to increase their chances of winning, they can buy eggs and tomatoes before the fight which will be used automatically against their opponents during fight.

  • Eggs decrease one of the opponent’s six popularity characteristics to 0.
  • Tomatoes decrease all of the opponent’s popularity characteristics by 30%.

The reward for the winning club is fame which defines the club's rank. When the club loses the fight, it loses fame, too. Besides the fame, the winning club has a chance to steal a trophy from their opponent.

Club show

If the club has reached level 30 and its president is at least level 15, members can take part in a fashion show.

To complete a fashion show members have to activate all inactive elements of the fashion catwalk by clicking on them. Each member can activate one element every 2 hours.

When all elements are active all members that took part in preparing the show get rewards – dollars and experience. Also, there’s a chance for the club to win a trophy after completing a fashion show. Every club can complete one fashion show per day.


Trophies can be won in 2 ways: - By stealing one from another club after a successful club fight - By completing fashion shows

Every club can have a maximum of 5 trophies at the same time.

Owning a trophy gives the club’s members different bonuses depending on the type of the trophy – faster energy refill, higher income from apartment, more money won from duels, etc.

But you should have in mind that each trophy in possession decreases all club members’ popularity characteristics during club fights by 10%.

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