Recyclable resources


Scrap is the remains of ships which have been destroyed in a Battle and it is recyclable resource. It contain materials, which can be recycled and used as Economic resources.

Ways to gain scrap

After a Battle has taken place parts and wreckage of the destroyed ships and defense units (except for the planet shields) are left on the battlefield as Scrap. The amount of Scrap that appears after a Battle is equal to 25% to 35% of the life lost by all participants in the Battle. The Scrap remains where the Battle took place, until it is harvested or until an Asteroid passes through the field and attracts it with its gravity. When it is harvested by a player, the Scrap is transported to the player's Planet. When it is attracted by a passing Asteroid it remains on the Asteroid until it is Astroploatated or until the Asteroid disappears.

  • If a Planet is destroyed in a Battle, the Planet disappears and the Scrap field is not visible but it remains there until someone harvested it.
  • Scrap can be harvested by Recycler/Tanker/Recycle drone on an Recycling flight, when it is simply floating in space. Scrap can be harvested on an Astroploatation misson when it is attracted by an Asteroid.
  • After Scrap is harvested it is transported to the player's Planet where it can be Recycled into resources at the Recycler buildings.
  • After the Scrap is recycled into resource, the ready offer can remain in the building for not more than 48 hrs. After that the ready resource is been dropped (added) to the planet where the building is located.
  • Scrap can be moved to another Planet using the Transportation flight.

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