І. General conditions

1.Registrations The game "Bulfleet" as it is now is a free browser-based online game, which is still in it's beta testing period. The registration in free, the only condition is the acceptance of the following rules.

2.Accounts For each player (actual person) is allowed only one account in the game in each game universe.

** If a player has registered 2 or 3 accounts, all in different universes, doesn't break the game rules*

  1. Forum and IRC The official game forum is located at, the official irc server is Breaking the following rules on those places will also leave to punishments in the game.

ІІ. Restrictions and punishments


  1. 1 When registering more than one account in the same game universe, you are considered as multiaccounter. This action is strictly forbidden and is punished by blocking all accounts without any warnings. It doesen't matter if the accounts are developed or not, the punishement still will be made.

  2. 2 Players, who constantly use one computer must notify the game administration right after registering the accounts - using or the game forum. Accounts, which were not declared to the game administration are considered as a case of Multiaccounting and will be punished. When many players are using the same computer, they should not:

  • send resources to other accounts, using the same computer;
  • give any kind of help to accounts, using the same computer;
  • participate in any kind of coordinated actions against a third account;
  • login more than one account at a time from the same computer;
  • send any kind of flights between the accounts *;

** The only exception is if the flights were launched, but were not executed (the ships have been returned before they have reached their target).*

1.3 As multiaccounting are also considered all kinds of direct or indirect actions between two or more accounts, for example:

  • sending resource to a planet, from where a player can easily launch one or more attacks;
  • constant attacks with small army with a purpose of creating Recycle fields, which are gathered by the other account;
  • resource laundry - transferring resources under different forms until finally reaching the final receiver;

Notice: Those are only part of the examples for direct or indirect cases of Multiaccounting


A case of Babysitting is considered when a person, registered or not in the game, is logging in foreign account(s), independent of the time and the purposes of that login. Each login and each IP, session and other browser information (which is allowed by the law) are recorded. According to these rules the Babysitting is forbidden and is punished by the following actions:

2.1. When the first case of Babysitting occurs, both the accounts of the person who watches over and the account that is being watched over are blocked for 24 hours with allowed attacks to them. During this period they MUST contact the game administration and explain their actions.

2.2. If a second case of Babysitting occurs, the accounts are blocked for 10 days and the available fleet is reduced with 50%, without loss of points. Again, the participants MUST contact the game administration and explain their actions.

2.3. If a third case occurs, the accounts are blocked permanently.

2.4 When trading or transferring an account from one player to another (independant of the reason for the transfer), the new owner must change the username and the email of the account. If a player is transferring to a new account, he must find a owner for his old one or put his old account in vacancy mode, until the account is deleted for inactivity. Each case of login to the old account, once a player has started using a new account, is considered as Multiaccounting and is punished as described in these rules. Players, who participate in such a trade or gift of an account, are responsible for all the events or problems that may occur from their actions. In those cases the game administration will not participate in deciding the results, except if the game rules have been broken.

2.5 Selling accounts in the game is strictly forbidden, and trading resources for nanocredits is forbidden too.

3.Bugs and game security breaches

An unintentional error in the game code, which allows the players to gain from the gameplay in unalloyed way or activity that is interfering with the normal behavior of the game servers, is considered as bug.

3.1 If a player founds a bug in the game, he must notify the game administration immediately. For exploiting a bug without notifying the game team, the player is punished by deleting his account permanently.

3.2 If a player is exploiting a reported, but still not fixed bug, he is punished by reducing half of his current army.

3.3 In a case of accessing a foreign game account without the permission of the owner, a.k.a account hacking, and all other cases of intentional rude actions, the player is punished by permanently deleting his account.

3.4 If a player has found a way to cheat the gameplay, intentionally perplexed the normal server work, or manipulated the game code, he will be punished by permanently deleting his game account.*

** The game administration reserves the right to seek compensation trough court of law, for the caused damage and the recovery of the administrative expenses.*


The bots are automated scripts under any kind of form, simulating activity in given account (not including the automated scripts, which are built in the game and a part of it). Using any kind of bots in the game is strictly forbidden and is punished. If it is proven than a player has used a bot, the player is punished by permanent restriction to play the game until the end of the game round.

  1. Activity

The game team is responsible for the 24/7 account watching. Each player has a right to play 20 hours for each 24-hour period. For the convenience of the players, there is a built in timer in the game for tracking the spent online hours. The timer is reset at 00:00 each night. If a player has broken the 20-hour rule, he/she is warned and if the rule is broken again, then a punishment for 48 hours is made. If a player got a warning and doesen't break the rule for the next 30 days, then the warning is considered for expired.


Н"Injection" is when resources are sent form one account to another without any return. This includes not only the direct sending of a resource, but also:

  • sending a resource to a planet, from where there could be multiple attacks
  • attacks with relatively smaller fleets, with a purpose of creating recycle fields, which a large account is gathering and doesen't return to the attacker
  • trading resource for nanocredits and the opposite
  • additional ways for sending resource without any return

6.1. Transporting gathered resource from a recycle field from the owner is allowed.

6.2. One time only help is allowed when a player is assisting another player to return the resources in one week period, with a mandatory note to the administrators first.

6.3. Trading is allowed to a currency close to the one on the trade center; the trade must be done simultaneously by the two players.

6.4. All other cases that are not mentioned here can be also considered as a case of injection and will be punished.

6.4.1. If the injection case is noticed for the first time, both of the accounts that participated are blocked for two days. During this period, the players must contact the game administration and explain the case. If the players don't do so, the accounts are punished by reducing half of their fleet without any loss in the points. If the players give a reasonable explanation to the game team, the punishment will be no longer active and the players can continue their play.

6.4.2. If the injection case is noticed more than once, both of the accounts are punished for 10 days and the fleets of the accounts are reduced by a half without any loss in the points. Again the punished players must contact the game team and give an explanation about their activities.

7.Blackmail and threats

Any kind of blackmail and threats which are addressed to players, may lead to limited or unlimited by time punishment of the author of the threat. Depending on the case, this restriction may apply to the access of the game forum, the IRC channel and/or the game access. In any kind of misdoing the player is punished with a restriction of his account for period from 5 to 48 hours, without allowed attacks to the account.


Cases of unfair play according to the rules described in section 1 to 7 will be punished, along with:

8.1 Cases of stressing or blackmailing the game team with a purpose of getting any kind of privilegies ahead of all other players.

8.2 Using any kind of methods to get confidential information from the players, such as passwords, all kinds of codes and any other information that is usually restricted for that person. This includes publishing battle reports and spy reports, without the agreement of the both sides, that participated in the event.

8.3 Bending the rules for only one account for each computer/ip address using any kind of software for covering ip addresses, public proxy servers and any other method.

8.4 Insulting nicks is the game or in the IRC servers.

8.5 Insulting avatars in the game or in the forums.

8.6 Insults or threats from the users to the game administration, irregardless of the type, the time and the place of the insult. The team reserves it's right to take any kind of actions when decided, without any notice to the players.

8.7 Insults or threats from a member of the game administration to the players (see the previous section). This rule applies to all players, irregardless of their donating status.The game team reserves it's right to apply any of the following punishments, without any notice for the player:

  • temporary/permanent restriction for access to the IRC servers
  • temporary/permanent restriction for posting in the game forums
  • temporary/permanent restriction for accessing the game forums
  • temporary/permanent restriction for using the bult in message system in the game
  • temporary/permanent restriction for accessing the game without allowed attacks to the account
  • permanent restriction for accessing the game with allowed attacks to the account
  • deleting the account of the player
  • when a case is proven to be multiaccounting or babysitting, all the participating accounts are deactivated
  • blocking/filtering the access to the servers that are part of the game

Notice: Question or notes regarding blocked/deactivated/deleted accounts can be sent using or the game forum. Rude language, insults and asking for explanation more than once will not be tolerated.

9.Intentional flood

Intentional flood of attacks with a purpose of ceasing the normal work or intentional delay in the game of another player can be reported at, in the game forum, the official email of the game ( or in the game guides. The following punishments will be made:

9.1. If it's a first case, the intruders' account is deactivated for 48 hours with allowed attacks to him.

9.2. If the intruder continues with his malicious activities, his account will be deleted.


All kinds of advertisements in the information fields of the alliance, planets or players, also in their names under the form of text, pictures, banners, links and others is strictly forbidden.

ІІІ. Reports

1.Reporting players

Reporting players for any kind of breaking the game rules can be done at:,

In a case of unfair report from a player to another player, the accuser will be punished with the punishment valid for the reported case.

2.Reporting game team members

If there is a case of abuse from the game administration, a single player or group of players can request thorough check. Such request must be made public in the game forums. If a guilt is proven, the person will be removed from the game administration..

ІV. Additions

1.Reconsideration of administrative decisions

Actions, performed by a moderator can be reviewed or canceled only by the same person or by a superior administrator.


2.1.If a player has suffered from game errors/bugs or from actions from the game administration, that player will be requited.

2.2.If a player tries to bend a decision of a moderator by contacting another moderator, he will be punished. The exception is if that player contacts a superior administrator.


Each unreasonable complaint against the rules can lead to one of the described punishments. Depending on the case, the punishment can affect not only the game Bulfleet, but also the game forums and the IRC channels.

4.Undescribed cases

The game administration reserves the right to punish by way that is considered as appropriate a player that has broken the rules in a way that is not described in the game rules.

V. Contributions

Contributing to the company XsSoft Ltd., no matter through an SMS or in any other way, is in no way to be given back or compensated. When an account is punished for not following the current rules, the game’s staff is not obligated to move the accounts coins to a new one or to compensate the player in anyway.

An account that has contributed to the game makes him a “donor”. That is a completely volunteer act and does not obligate the staff in any way. Every contribution gives the account an amount of coins, that allow the player to use additional options for a period of time. The “donor status” doesn’t in any way give an edge to the player against the other players and also doesn’t give them the right to request compensations in any kind after the staff has punished him for a proved violation of the rules.

VI. The game Team (staff)

It is FORBIDDEN for any of the game’s staff to play the game itself, no matter the nickname. It is FORBIDDEN for the game’s staff to enter users’ accounts. The only exception is if the member of the staff has control only in the forum. The staff :

  • is not responsible for any damages (no matter if connected with the game in any way) to the user as a result for his participating in the game.
  • is not responsible for any problems with the machines that support the game or the game itself.
  • keeps the right to compensate the players that have suffered from actions of the staff.
  • keeps the right to make corrections in the game and all its aspects without warning.
  • keeps the right to change these rules with previously warning the player with a message in the game or in the forum.
  • keeps the right to block the access to the game when necessary. That goes for the planned support checks just as for the accidents.

VII. Contacts

The only official form to contact the game’s staff is at this web page: You can also use the game’s forum or to contact the IRC server by relocating your IRC agent to in the channel #bulfllet, but the staff is not obligated to assure you with its presence or to answer you question.


The IRC server is official for the game “Bulfleet” :

  • The game has its own IRC server, where you can find member of the game’s staff.
  • The server is not connected to any other IRC network and is completely independent.
  • The server is protected by Open Proxy Monitor. This bot can lead to blocking the access from the hosts , where the so called Open Proxy Ability is found.
  • Most of the staff members can be recognized by the “@bulfleet.” In the beginning of their host and their nick afterwards.
  • Soon there will be installed an automatic channel creator for every new Clan in which the leader of the clan will have the highest level. If he cannot or doesn’t want to control the channel he can pass that duty to anyone who he considers right.
  • Every Clan channel has the right to place its own politics for its users as long as it doesn’t cross with the basic rules of the IRC server.
  • The registration of channels is forbidden for users. Channels that are not registered and in which users gather are to be shut down by the administration. Punishments are possible for the users, especially if it is a second assault.
  • Flooding is forbidden in all kinds or servers.
  • Spamming and advertising is forbidden in all kinds of servers.
  • The “invite” is also forbidden (inviting users to another channel in which they don’t need to be).
  • Bots are forbidden in the official channels. In the clan channels it could be legal depending on the politics of the clan. (Of course, if warned, administration members will take care of the problem so that they avoid further troubles with the channels).
  • The entering of “warbots” is strongly forbidden.
  • Clones are also forbidden- joining many clients from one host.
  • Faking and/or changing of the hosts is forbidden for people that are not from the game’s staff.
  • The automatic use of the command /links is forbidden.
  • The staff apologizes for the annoying messages, /ctcp requests and also the /kill-s of clients. When the server rules have to be applied it almost inevitable.
  • If you need an IRC operator, write /stats p to see which ones are online and send him a message (/msg). The big idle times don’t mean they will not answer you.

IX. Forum

Common situations:

The forum is official for the game “Bulfleet”.

No one is obligated to express their opinion to any conversation topic, including moderators and administrators. The participation in the game’s forum is completely voluntary and no user is obligated to do what another one has requested. The information in “Bulfleet” is given, not asked for.

The official language in the forum of the game is English.

1.1.Posting a new topic

1.1. The title of the new topic should be as describing as possible and in reference with the part of the forum where it is posted. “Describing” means more of the key words, not whole sentences.

1.2. Doubled topic: When an user is about to post a new topic he is obligated to look in “search” to check if there wasn’t already the same or at least an similar topic. “Crosspoting” (posting the same or similar topic as an old one) is punished according to point 7.

1.3. Topicality: When a new topic is posted the user that posts it is obligated to see if the topic of the whole forum part is connected to the particular topic he wants to post. In every topical section of the forum there could be particular restrictions ( exposed in a topic on the top of the section that is usually nominated “Important topic”).

1.4. Topic author: every user that creates a new topic becomes its author. The author is obligated to define the margins in which the discussion will be held in the first post in the topic. It could be a simple question, a phrase that defines the main problems of the topic, etc. An author can contact the forum’s staff through a personal message (or by clicking the button “report”) and to request the removal or change of a posted answer in his topic on the basis that it is not connected with the topic. The staff will see if the request is objective and do what they find best.

2.Posting an answer

Before posting a new answer you are obligated to check if it is in reference with the topic. Bending the topic will no only be punished by deletion but will also deny your access to the forum.

3.Language and manners

The discussions ought to be held in an orderly and respectful manner. Arguing in a rude manner is forbidden and will be severely punished. Unethical, rude and ironic attitude will not be tolerated, will be deleted and sanctions will be applied. Sexist and/or racist posts are completely forbidden. The user oughtn’t repeat a previous opinion because that would be considered flooding and an attempt to silence the discussion by screaming. This is also to be punished. The overuse of emoticons, pictures, coloring, bolding and increasing the size of letters will not be tolerated.


It is drastically forbidden to post insulting comments about and object/subject/group, an intentional advertizing of a product/service, searches for help in exchange for money or searching/offering/distribution of illegal information about a group/company/person.


5.1 Solecism/erotic/violence/racism- images with these notions are forbidden.

5.2 Avatar/ Mood- to be in reference with point 5.1 and not more than 120 pixels of height. The mood has to be orderly and not violate the rules by bolding or coloring.

  1. Moderating and administrating rules: The moderating rules apply to the moderators (for both the global and the local moderators) and the administrators.

6.1. They must visit the forum regularly and follow for violations of the common rules for using the forum !

  • to follow if the topics are in the right sections of the forum;
  • to follow if the topic title applies to the content of the topic and gives the proper information;
  • to devide the topics, when the conversation goes in a different direction;
  • to follow for topics with the same content and in case there are - to combine them or direct the creators of the new topics to the older ones;
  • the moderators should inform the administrators for all kinds of abuses;
  • to clean up the topics from the unnecessary personal conversations, argues, that does not apply to the other users, or replies, that aren't conencted to the topic, so the topics stay easier to read and useful;
  • to lock topic, that should be stopped or is already completed, so future replies can't be posted;
  • to inform the users for his actions, using Personal messages or writing in the problematic topics, when those actions bring important changes in the topic or could lead to confusion and misunderstanding;
  • the topics in the work sections of the forums should get locked, only when the moderatior/administrator is sure that the topic is already finished and the problem is resolved.

6.2.Moderators can edit the topics and must put a signature in the edited posts. When moderators lock topics they must put a last post in it with the reasons for the lock. The topics are released again either from the moderator that closed it with administrator's decision or if the user that started it asked for it. In both cases if a topic is released there must be a post that explains the reasons of its release. Topics, locked for rules violation, will be released only with the permission of an administrator. 6.3. The moderators must remember that they work in favour of the game, the players and the administrators and not vice-versa. Their main responsibilities are being helpful to the players and keeping the order in the forum. Displays of disrespect and rude behaviour as also misuse of the given to them authority is unacceptable (this includes deleting or editing posts because of personal reasons, when they aren't contradicting the rules). 6.4 When possible, to avoid argues with the users, the main purpose of the administrators and the moderators is to make sure argues are completed fast and usefully. Making decisions without the whole needed information could lead to accusations that moderators are biased and the users could get wrong impressions. That's why moderators should speak with both sides when resolving an argue. 6.5. Information from the Moderator's area of the forum musn' be revealed by any circumstances. Information (such as IP addresses) accesible only to administrators and moderators, must not be revealed to third parties. 6.6. Penalties, assigned from a moderator or administrator could be changed from other team members only after a message to the original punisher for the reason of the change or better – after consultation with him. If the punished user is interested in the reason for the penalty, he could talk to the moderator who punished him and a future intervention is unacceptable. The moderator or the administrator that punished the user must give an explanation if the user requires one. If there a reasonable and complete explanation is given, further communication is unnecessary and unobligatory. By locking ot moving a topic there must be a signature, explaining who made the change and why. The only exception are obvious Spam or completely vulgar topics, which do not need any comments. 6.7. It is desirable that already edited from another moderator topics don't get moderated again. Ofcourse if in his absence in the topic there are violations – it could be locked untill the moderator returns and make a decision about his future actions. 6.8. If a situation occures when the moderators is hesitating, he could ask one of the more experienced moderators. When there's a misunderstanding between moderatos public arguesr berween them are COMPLETELY FORBIDDEN. An administrator must be asked to resolve the argue and make a decision infront of the both sides. 6.9. Moderators and administrators must clean up the topics from unnecessary posts, to raise the warn level when required and, as a last measure, ban the users. 6.10. The Universe Administrators have the decisive word in their Universe's sections. 6.11. New moderators are assigned only with a quorum from the votes of three administrators. New administratiors are assigned only from a Root Administrator. The same conditions apply to removing moderator's/adminstrator's rights.7 The actions of the staff when a forum rule has been violated: : Every violator of the rules can be sanctioned by deletion or change of a topic, a post or a part of a post, without warning. Violators will be sent a personal message from the staff which will automatically increase his warn level (warn %) and then will be denied their users rights for a period of time or will be dealt with in another manner based on the decision of the forum’s staff and administration. Every user becomes obligated to follow the rules with his registration. Of course the forum is voluntary so the forum’s staff considers that any user that has a registration is familiar with the rules and self-obligates himself to follow them. 7.Information about the restrictions cause by violating the forum’s rules. Every user that has been sanctioned has the right to contact a member of the staff (through a personal message) and fin out why he is being punished. The staff is not obligated to explain its actions and motives- this is possible only voluntarily.8.Section proposals

Before you make a new proposal check if it has not already been made. Just as in the other sections here describing titles are required. The better style your proposal has, the better the chance for it to be presented attention. The proposal is obligated to have a questionnaire with correct and simple possible answers. If the other players answer negatively to your proposal then it will automatically be refused. If it is approved by the players then the game’s staff will comment on it and it could appear in the next restart. If your proposal is approved by the player it will 100% appear in the next restart. If any proposals don’t follow the rules then they will be blocked and deleted.

  1. Section Report a bug In the topic title there must be an accurate description about the case (EXAMPLE – Dissappeared ships after a fleet, I didn't get a report, I can't log in etc.) and in the DESCRIPTION OF THE TOPIC there must be written the exact Universe, where the problem occured. Topics, that do not apply to these requierements will be deleted and won't be resonded.10. Terms and conditions of the Bulfleet tribunes 10.1. Rudes against other players or against the team, as well as uncensored language are liable to sanctions. The use of a rude language is forbidden. The sanctions depend on the judgement of the pusnishing team member and could be one of the following:
  • Prohibition of posting;
  • Prohibiton of posting without a moderator's check;
  • IP address ban.

10.2. The administration and the forum staff WILL NOT take part in any of the argues in the tribunes 10.3. It is good to make a back up of the battles, if you can't handle this alone, ask somenody to help you. The battle reports get deleted from the server after a short period of time.. 10.4. Battles are published in the tribune for the corespondent Universe. If tou make a mistake- ask a moderator to move your topic where it belongs. 10.5. The posts in the tribunes won't be recognized as spam. 10.6. Topics in the tribunes don't get locked, unless they violate the common rules of the forum. 10.7. Those rules are eligible only for the tribunes. In the remaining parts of the forum the violation of the basic rules would lead to sanctions.

IX. Users

By a registration of an account they state that they have read these rules and agree with its content, to follow the rules and to take the punishments if the staff decides they are necessary. They obligate themselves to regularly check for changes in the rules. Not being aware of the rules doesn’t excuse those who have broken them. The users take responsibility for their personal information and are not to present it to any members of the staff – current or previous. If such has been presented the game’s staff is not responsible.

The rights of the game belong to XsSoft Ltd. (

The right of this text belongs to XsSoft Ltd. and its reproduction is forbidden without our written agreement.

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