Recycler and Tanker ships mission only.

The recycle field contains a percentage (varies in the different universes) of the lost structure of both sides with ratio 2:2:1 (metal:crystals:gas).

When the recycling fleet arrives at the target coordinate, it harvests the field. The resources are gathered in metalàcrystalsàgas order. There is no any interrogation between the recycling fleet and the ships and defences on the planet. Battle - NONE.

The recycling ships must be sent in a separate flight from the attacking one with mission type “Recycle”. If you send them on mission “Attack” with the rest of the fleet, they will participate in the battle, but they will not gather the recycle field.

When you recycle your own coordinates, the time is constant for Recyclers and Tankers. The difference between base speeds does not apply. Same goes for the speed researches.

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