Battle Report

Battle report

The battles are the goal of this game. After a battle, you receive a report what happened, because of the randomization of ship order in combat, you can never be 100% sure what is going to happen.

The report head shows date, time, coordinates of the attacker, coordinates of the defender, Attack and defence bonuses of both players.


Launching your fleet on attack mission, you can choose how many round to last this battle. Values are between 6 and 12. In each round you can follow what ships are left after the previous and what attack power remains to both sides.

End of battle

Here is the most important information:

  • Total lost structure – calculated from all lost by both players and used to calculate the recycle field);
  • Winner;
  • Recycle field from the lost ships;
  • Remaining fleets or defences;
  • And of course, the Death Star chance to destroy a building or a planet.

** Mind that the absence of a Death Star in the battle does not applies on the DS chance calculation.*

Battle reports

After each round there is an Analysis (available only for the Bulfleet Generals), where you can see a detailed explanation of the round - who is hitting and with what amount. The Megashield is visualized as a green field over the planet, and the Shield is displayed as a light field underneath the defence units.

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