Bulfleet Bank credits

You can take a loan from the game and you mortgage nanocredits. You redeem them back as you return the credit and the bank interest.

If you pay your credit up to 7 days, the interest is 5%, up to 14 days is 10% and up to 30 days is 15%. If you don’t return the loan until day 30, you lose your credits and you can’t take anymore a loan from the bank. You can have just one loan at the same time.

The amount of the loan depends on your points. You can take up to 100 units of metal, crystals or gas in any combination for each your point. E.g. if your account is with value 15 000 points, the maximal amount you can borrow is 150 000 resources. For each 1000 resources you mortgage 1 nanocredit.

The Bank services in Universe 1 are not available. In this game universe you can't use game loans.

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