Colony ship

Colony ship

This is a huge colonial ship, transporting all the necessary equipment and personnel for the construction of a fully functioning colony. It can transport a small quantity of resources. After the landing on the selected planet, the large body of the ship is used as a command center. Because of its enormous structure and the far from flawless engines it's exceptionally slow. The colony ship equipped with a small armament and a rather big transport capacity.

Purpose: Colonise/ Utility fleetRequirements: Shipyard(level 4)Jet engines(level 3)


Cargo: 7500Attack: 400Ship hull: 40000Speed: 2500Gas consumption: 1000Cost: 10000 Metal, 20000 Crystals, 10000 gasWeapon: Laser;Armor: 10% Solid;

Factory upgrades:

No Factory upgrades available.

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