These are the primary means of transportation which will help you in the beginning of your way to cosmic domination.Unfortunately this ship is still not flawless. Its fragile body and the lack of shields are the reason for its small structure. The outdated model of jet engines is why the velocity is low and the capacity - small. The lack of armaments makes it vulnerable, so it is better for it to travel with a War ship class.Armaments: antimeteorite protection system.

Purpose: Utility fleetRequirements: Shipyard(level 2)Jet engines(level 2)


Cargo: 5000Attack: 5Ship hull: 4000Speed: 11000Gas consumption: 10Cost: 2000 Metal, 2000 CrystalsWeapon: Laser; )Armor: 3% Light;Improvements in Factory: 5% per level.

Factory upgrades:

LevelMetalCrystalsGasAttackShip Hull
11 000001.054200
22 000001.14400
34 000001.154600
48 000001.24800
516 000001.255000
632 000001.35200
764 000001.355400
8128 000001.45600
9256 000001.455800
10512 000001.56000

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