Graviton science

Graviton science

After the successful development of all types of techniques, a new challenge came up to the scientists from the 12th level. It was the manufacturing of a new type of weapon technology that does unbelievable damage to the opponents. Scientists decided to create a weapon based on gravity and antigravity. The base of the research is the graviton - a powerful device that creates artificial gravity. Controlled by the artificial gravity powers, created from the graviton, inside the body a gravity collapse happens, that destroys the normal gravity connections and leads to their implosion - a black hole, pulsar. The only condition for the creation of huge gravity power from the graviton, is for it to be fixed onto an enormous cosmic ship, because of the need of huge amounts of energy, resources and natural gravity.

Requirements: Science facility(Level 12)

Maximal level of the research: 1


300 000 free energy at the planet where the research will start (required only to start the process).

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