The alliances do not impact a lot on the game. Their purpose is to declare that you are a member of a specific community. Of course, the alliance coordination with a purpose is quite normal thing.


They are given by the alliance leader.

The ranks are: Lieutenant, Captain, Major, General and Diplomat. Most of the ranks have no real game value except the General and the Diplomat. They can send mass messages to the alliance, and the General has one more feature. If a player is alliance General and Bulfleet General, he can seethe Status menu of all his alliance members by clicking the icon next to each alliance member name.


There are few political states in the game – War, Non-Attack Pact and Alliance. If two Alliances are allied or they have considered a NAP policy, their members cannot attack each other.

Specialties in the alliance politics

Each Alliance has the right to declare up to 3 wars. Each war lasts no less than 168 hours (one declared, it can't be canceled in the next 7 days). Each player that joined the alliance has no right to leave it or create his own alliance in the next 168 hours (he can't be banned from the leader also). If Alliance А declares a war on Alliance B, the players have right for motivation of a flight on the following conditions: a flight with duration more than 20 minutes can be motivated with 25%. A flight with duration more than 30 minutes can be motivated with 50% (applies both for the players of A and B). If Alliance B is declared Union with Alliance X, than the war declared by Alliance A doesn't affect in any war Alliance X. Nevertheless, if Alliance X declared Union on Alliance B, than the war rules apply both for Alliance B and Alliance X. This means that you should be very careful when deciding to declare a Union - you could end up taking place in very unpleasant war actions.

How to join an Alliance?

To join an alliance you must apply for it. There is a button “Apply for this alliance” below the alliance info. Click there and the leader will receive a notification about your request. If you are member of an alliance, by clicking this button you will leave it automatically.

If you wonder which alliance is most suitable for you, leave the “Search” field blank and you will get a full list of the available alliances in the game, so you can look them and pick one.

How to create my own alliance?

Anyone can do this. To create your own, go to Alliance menu and click “Create own alliance”

If you are a present alliance member, you are going to be transferred to the new one automatically. You become its leader. There you can accept new members, manage the alliance info, purge members, give ranks, change the alliance policy and give up the leadership.

If you are alliance leader and you change your username, the alliance still remains lead by your old username. So we recommend first to give up the leadership to a trustworthy member, change your name and take back the leadership with the new one.

How to administrate the alliance info?

The leader has full right to manage all. Read more here.

Alliance ranking

Open the “Alliance stats” menu and you will see the actual ranking of all alliances in the game. This ranking table renews once a day. The rank is calculated by the sum of all alliance members points divided by the members count.Alliances with less than five members do not participate in the ranking table. The requirements of an Alliance to participate in the Alliance Ranking - minimum 5 members. In the Universe 3 - minimum 2 members in order the Alliance to participate in the Ranking.

In Universe 3 and Universe SPEED the ranking of the alliances is determined by the following way: every single day the alliances with the biggest jump in their coefficient FOR THE DAY get from 20 to 1 points. The Alliance with the biggest jump gets 20, the one after gets 19 and so on. The Round Winner is the alliance with most points won during the game round.

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