Upon registration, each player must choose a race between Confederation, Noxies, Terteths and Miops. All of the races has their own special features and game style. Once chosen, the race cannot be changed during the round, so be careful what you choose.The special race ships can be built and upgraded only by the chosen race. These ships can’t be traded under any circumstances.


Human race. After the Terteth rebellion, the only way of survival became the path of war, so a heavy armament became a must.

Racial features:

15% greater metal income 15% faster ship building 20% more energy from Solar satellite 15% cheaper ship upgrades Special race ship: Tanker (Bigger and faster recycler)

If you prepare for war, the only way to bear its burden is getting all battle remains to rebuild your fleet as fast as possible.

Stats Cargo: 40000 Attack: 10 Ship hull: 42500 Speed: 6000 Fuel consumption: 200


The aliens. Because of their life environment and weaker economy, the raid became a way of life.

Racial features::

25% greater gas income 15% cheaper ships 25% greater storages 10% more energy from Solar panels Special race ship: Speeder (Fast light ship)

Fastest warship in the game. The perfect solution for pirates and raiders.

Stats: Cargo: 300 Attack: 1800 Ship hull: 20000 Speed: 17500 Fuel consumption: 270


The A.I. Because of their origin as industrial workers, they produce resources faster than the other races.

Racial features:

15% greater income of all resources 15% cheaper defence turrets 15% faster building construction 15% cheaper building (doesn't applies for Universe 3) Special race ship: Megaton (Heavy battleship)

The constant raids over their colonies forced the robots to create their own solution in order to protect their economy.

Stats: Cargo: 1800 Attack: 8500 Ship hull: 85000 Speed: 10000 (8500 for Universe 3) Fuel consumption: 700


The Miops are the predecessors of the Noxis. The ancient miops civilization is the creator of this race after numerous experiments for their own improvement. The goal of the Miops Imperator Ramur III was to create even faster and more intelligent servents for his race, which would ease the colonizing of new territories from the New World. The thing the Imperator didn't know is, that the Noxis will realize the fact that they can be independent and live and wage wars in the name of their own race. After the Noxis rebel, a large part of the succesors of the Miopses manage to escape and organize in new, very powerfull colonies. Once slaves to the tiran, now the Noxis are the most deadly enemy of the Miopses, the new race in the world of Bulfleet. They are here to reclaim their teritories from the other space races that rule at the moment.

Race bonuses:

20% more crystals income; +5-10% more recycle fields after a battle; 10% bonus energy; 15% cheaper Researches (doesn't apply for the Gravitation Powers); Unique ship: Star Fighter (fast pirate ship) It can utilize pirate flights and CAN fight with Field Fighters.

Stats Cargo: 500 Attack: 1035 Ship hull: 11000 Speed: 10000 Fuel consumption: 50 Cost: 8000 Metal, 3000 Crystals.

Universe Hardcore

Stats Cargo: 950 Attack: 3105 Ship hull: 33000 Speed: 12000 Fuel consumption: 350 Cost: 23000 Metal,10000 Crystals.

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