Recruiting and Signature


The Recruiting gives you the option to copy your unique game link, which you can spread amongst your friends and colleagues. Each click on this link will bring you resources equal to 3 minutes income from your mines. If a player has clicked on your link and then has registered on any Bulfleet universe, and when this person reaches 1000 points you will receive 40 nanocredits. Furthermore, if his account reaches 5000 points, you will receive another 60 nanocredits. You can use your unique recruiting link in the "Signature" menu.


The Signature of the players lets you receive your own unique game image, which you can use wherever you like (forum signatures, personal pages, blogs, etc.). This image represents your development in Bulfleet (username, points, ranking and others). This information will be refreshed once each 24 hours. Each click on this image is considered as a recruit link and will bring you resources. You can choose between different types of pictures.

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