General information about Ships


There are few types of ships according their purpose. All ships receive equal bonuses from speed, attack and defence researches. Some of them receive an upgrade in the Factory.

War fleet

Different types battle ships.

  • Scout – special bonus vs. Death Star- Field fighter – the “pirate ship”- Speeder ("Noxies" race special ship)- Guardian
  • Battlecruiser
  • Megaton ("Terteth" race special ship)- Bomber – enhanced damage vs. ground defence- Destroyer

Cargo ships

They are two types.

  • Cargo ship
  • Megacargo ship

Recycling ships

Purposed to gather the remaining recycle fields (after a battle occurs), and to harvest asteroids for Gas.

  • Recycler
  • Tanker ("Confederation" race special ship)

Colony ship

The only ship, designed to colonize new planets.

Spy probe

A small unmanned ship, made for recognition of enemy planets.

Solar satellite

This is an additional energy source.

Death Star

Enormous ship, designed for destruction of whole planets.

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