Payed extras

Paid features

There are different paid features in the game that give you flexibility and some additional benefits.

  • Bulfleet general
  • Vacation mode- Remote activation and deactivation (via SMS)
  • Interruption of the mode at any time

  • Protection

  • Buy resources
  • Specialties
  • Increase the planet fields
  • Planet picture change
  • Alliance flag
  • VIP offers in the Ship market
  • Username change
  • Bulfleet Widget

Bulfleet General

The Bulfleet General option grants you access to certain ingame features like no adds, SMS alert on attack, Status menu, recycle fields etc.

You can red more about Bulfleet General here.

The cost you must pay is 100 nanocredits. This is the price for a 30-days subscription.

Vacation mode

This option ensures the lack of attacks towards your account if you must leave the game for few days.

  • Remote activation and deactivation.Bulgaria only, available for Mtel and GloBul mobile operator customers.

  • Interruption of the mode at any timeYou can do that for the price of 100 nanocredits.

Read more about the vacation mode here


This feature gives you a protection from other users. That would give you some time to rebuild your fleet if it has been destroyed and the attacker still continues to raid you constantly.

With active protection mode the other players can’t spy or attack your account. There aren’t any limitations to your activity.

That mode lasts 72 hours.

The protection modes are NOT cumulative. Running two or three protections does not mean a protection longer than 72 hours. Your immunity period counts the last activated.

The count and conditions of that feature varies in the different universes.

The first one is for free, and each next is with 50 nanocredits more expensive than the previous one – e.g. 1st = free, 2nd = 50 NC, 3rd = 100 NC, 4th = 150 NC etc.

Buy resources

In Parliament menu you can buy resources equal of your 8-hour mines production. That will cost you 45 nanocredits.

Mind that you can use that feature once at two days. The 48-hours period between two deals is designed in order to keep the game balance.


The specialties allow you to get some advantage in certain game elements.


  • Builder (15% по-бърз строеж)
  • Scientist (20% faster research)
  • Miner (10% bonus to base income)
  • Manufacturer (15% faster ship construction )
  • Engineer (15% bonus to solar panel energy )
  • Merchant (Free VIP offers and a maximum of 40 offers on the market)

These bonuses apply to your account despite of the race you play.

You can have up to two active specialties simultaneously. After their expiration, you may activate another two.

The price is 100 nanocredits for 30-day period per specialty.

Planet fields increase

Each planet has a fixed number of building fields depending on position and randomization factors. If you count, that these fields are not enough, you can purchase some extra fields. They can be bought by clicking at Overview à Fields à Increase Fields.

The price is 100 nanocredits per 10 new fields (5 on Universe 3).

Planet picture change

You can choose a different picture for your planet. Click on your planet’s picture, navigate with the arrows and pick a new picture for the price of 15 nanocredits per piece.

Alliance flag

Each alliance has the option to have its own symbol in Galaxy menu instead of the state flag. Choose a 18 x 12 pixels .jpg file and the leader can replace it from the Alliance administration at the price of 300 nanocredits.

VIP offers in Ship Market

You can give your offer a VIP-status. That will put it on top of the other offers.

The price is 5 nanocredits per offer.

Username change

You can change your Username from Settings menu.

The price is 100 nanocredits.

Bulfleet Widget

Bulfleet Widget is a stand-alone program, that allows you to watch your account without running a Web – browser.

The price you pay is 45 nanocredits for a 15 days term.

Read more about Bulfleet Widget here.

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