SMS Notify

How to receive SMS alert

If you want to receive attack alert via SMS, the following conditions must be completed:

  • Active Bulfleet General feature.
  • Correct entry of phone number or e-mail.
  • The attacker must be with equal or less Spy level than yours.
  • Your mobile phone MUST have the mail-to-SMS feature activated.
  • Active mail-to-SMS feature of your phone.

The delivery time of the SMS depends of the network load of your mobile provider and sometimes may take more than few seconds.

How to activate my SMS alert?

If your mobile operator supports the mail-to-SMS feature, you have it activated and you are a Bulfleet General, than in the Options page of the game you must enter your number and operator extension. For example – if you are Mtel user ( Mtel is one of the Bulgarian mobile operators) and your number is 088 55 55 555, enter it like Same goes for your local operator.

The message you receive will be like that:Subject: Bulfleet alert From: Text: Hostile fleet sent from e.g. 1:1:1(attacker coordinates)! Attacker:The other way is to enter a valid e-mail address with mail-to-SMS function. If you choose that option, please, ensure that the address is not marked like SPAM. Many mail-servers offer that option, so check your e-mail service. If you choose that option to get alerts, you will receive just a notification for a letter from and you must open your mailbox to read it. If you complete all that, and the attackers Spy level is equal or lower than yours, you must receive SMS alert.

How to check if I made all right?

Launch an attack towards your colony. If you receive an SMS, you have done it correct. If you don’t – check your mobile operator if your service mail-to-SMS is activated, check the correct entry of the number or e-mail and check your Bulfleet General status. If you still encounter a problem, write to . If you don’t receive an SMS-alert from a certain attacker with active SMS-alert feature, this means that he has a greater Spy level than you. Think about leveling up your research level.

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