Field fighter

Field fighter

It all comes down to the moment when your empire has to prove that it's more than just a miners union. Let it prove itself in battle. But for victories you need a good battleship. The field fighter is a good choice. Unlike the scout, this ship is equipped with a laser cannon and has a small energy shield that gives it a good structure. This makes it quite heavier, leading to the development of impulse systems. They give it good velocity and manoeuvre ability on the battlefield. Unfortunately the capacity is still too small.The only ship allowed to make pirate flights. Every Field fighter has a cargo space of 250 units. You can steal up to 1/4 of the resources present planet side via pirating as the pirating fleet does not engage into battle with the defending fleet or turrets. A battle may take place only if the defender has Field fighters in his fleet. For example if you have 5 FF and the defender has 3 FF only the surviving ones will steal after the battle. Both the attacker and the defender have a notification on the Overview screen for the Pirating mission. Debris field is formed if a battle occurs and the points are reduced according to the losses.

Purpose: War ship classRequirements: Shipyard(level 3)Ship Armor(level 2)Impulse systems(level 2)


Cargo: 250Attack: 900Ship hull: 10000Speed: 10000Gas consumption: 75Cost: 6000 Metal, 4000 CrystalsWeapon: Plasma; Armor: 10% Normal; Improvements in Factory: 5% per level.

Factory upgrades:

LevelMetalCrystalsGasAttackShip Hull
13 0002 000094510500
26 0004 000099011000
312 0008 0000103511500
424 00016 0000108012000
548 00032 0000112512500
6100 00060 0000117013000
7200 000120 0000121513500
8400 000240 0000126014000
9800 000500 0000130514500
101 500 0001 000 0000135015000

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