“Fleets” menu provides you full information about your recent flight activity. You can order a new mission there also.

The number of your simultaneous flights depends of the “Computer science” level. At level 0 you can send just one flight – e.g. at level 7 you can send on a mission 8 fleets at the same time. Below the flights table you can see the count of your active flights and the maximum allowed ones.

The Flight table provides you information about your flights. You see there the starting coordinate, the target coordinate, the arrival time, the return time, mission type (by clicking on the mission type link a pop up window will show the count and types of the sent ships). From that table you can cancel a unfinished mission – e.g. if you attack someone, and he flees before the battle with all his ships and resources, you can return your fleet before you hit the empty planet in order to save some time.

Mission types

There are eight mission types that you can make with your ships.

  • Transport -- transport of resources between different planets- Espionage -- recognition of enemy planets- Attack -- attack of hostile planets in order to steal resources or destroy enemy fleets- Station -- relocation of own ships from one to another planet- Colonizing -- planet creation- Recycling -- gathering battle remains- Pirate flight -- silent thievery- Astroploatation -- harvesting gas from asteroids

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