Inner Market and Intergalactic Ship Market

Trade center

Despite of the combat game orientation, there are economic parts also. One of them is the Trade center. There you can exchange your resources – inner commerce or to sell/buy ships at the Ship market. In the Trade menu you see the exchange rates at your current level of the Trade center. As higher the level is, better the rates are. Level 7 is the highest for the trade center and provides the best rates. At this level you gain access to the Ship market too.

In some universes you cannot trade gas to other resources or you can do it at different initial rates.

Galactic Ship market

The initial menu is the page, where you can check the status of your offers. Also, there you offer your ships for sale.

There is a limitation in the prices. The highest sell price is 20% over the basic production one e.g. a Guardian ship with basic production price 20 000 metal and 7 000 crystals cannot be sold more than 24 000 metal and 8 400 crystals. The lowest sell price allowed is the basic one for all races. This means that Noxies cannot sell ships below 20/7 despite of their lower production cost.

Each offer must contain at least 5 ships. The only exclusions are the Colony ship and the Death Star They can be offered as a single ship. There is no time limit for the offers – they stay in the market until someone pays it. But if you want to withdraw an offer, you must pay 20% fee from that offer. E.g. you withdraw an offer containing 10 Guardians and the game return just 8 of them at your planet. The rest are held as fee. Each player has a right of maximum 20 active offers for Universe 3, 25 for Universe 1, and 30 for Universes SPEED and 2.In some Bulfleet Universes selling Race-only ships (Megaton, Speeder, Tanker or Star Fighter) along with Death Stars is forbidden!

What happens when the deal is done? As the ships remain offered, the seller does not lose his points for those ships. At the time someone pays the offer, these points are moved to the buyers account. The buyer gets the ships immediately at the planet he paid them from, but the seller gets his resources with a 24-hours delay. The deal completion starts a timer, and 24 hours later a link “Withdraw” appears at each completed offer. You can receive your resources at any your planet with Trade center 7th level regardless of the initial planet of the offer. If you don’t redeem your offer, after a 48-hour period the game automatically delivers the resources at the planet, where the offer is activated.

Upon offer creation, you put the price for a SINGLE SHIP. E.g. an offer for 10 Battlecrusers must have a price value 40 000 metal and 20 000 crystals (e.g.) and the game will calculate the total price automatically to 400 000 metal and 200 000 crystals. For a 5-nanocredits fee you can give your offer a VIP-status. That will put it on top of the other offers.

If you want to buy ships, click the “See foreign offers” button and chose the desired ship type from the dropdown menu and click “Show”. All active offers with the chosen ship type will appear.

If you find a suitable offer, click on “Buy”. Do that with caution, because you receive the ships immediately and you get also the points too at the same time. Mind that you receive points not for the price you paid, but for the basic cost of the ships for your race.

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