It is made only with Recycler and Tanker.

Purpose: Harvesting Asteroids for Gas.


Each asteroid contains a random value of Gas between 1000 and 200 000 units.

The asteroids move through the galaxy. When you point an Asteroid with the mouse, you will see a tooltip menu with its speed and time-to-move to the next coordinate. They move that way: if it appears at 1.300.1, then he moves at 1:300:2, 1:300:3, 1:300:4 (no matter if there is a planet or not) and after reaching 1:300:15 goes to 1:301:1. It disappears after passing 1:500:15 or if the quantity of gas it contains goes below 1000 gas.


You can harvest up to Ѕ of the present amount of gas on the asteroid with one flight.

To have a successful astroploatation, you must calculate the “cross point” between your ships and the asteroid.

E.g.: Lets pick up this asteroid (see the picture) with stats: Coordinate: 4:455:3 Speed: 35 min/field Next time-to-move: 2007-10-09 07:30:02 If your planet is at 4:445:1 and your time-to-fly with your tankers or recyclers to 4:455:X is 39:55 min, and now the time is 07:28:00, you must count these things:

  • Time left to move to the next coordinate
  • How many times the asteroid will move when you reach its system.

In that case, it will move to the next coordinate in 02:02 min, its speed is 35 min/field, so after 37:02min the asteroid will move again from 4:455:4 to 4:455:5. Your time to fly to that system is 39:55 min, so the “cross point” is 4:455:5. So you must send your recyclers or tankers to 4:455:5 to have a successful astroploatation.

It is good to be online when you deal with asteroids, because the automatic game scripts refresh your flights at a certain time when you are offline and you may miss the flight – i.e. target asteroid can move again

The Astroploatation of your own coordinates takes more time than the neighboring systems.

All resources, loaded into ships with Astroploatation mission will disappear !

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