Personal menu

Personal menu

Here you find information of your interaction with the other players in the universe – Sent and Received Personal Messages, your Friends and Ignored players and your Notes.


That link opens the News menu.

Here you get access to:

  • Personal messagesThe messages you receive from other players.

  • Friends / AlliancesSystem messages that provide you with information about different actions made of the players or alliances to you or your alliance.

  • Spy reportsAll spy reports.

  • Military reportsAll Battle reports with your participation.

  • Landing zoneReports from landed fleets, astroploatation and recycling missions.


Here you track your sent messages and their status – Read or Not read.

Mind that deletion of a received message from a player removes it from your Sent menu too.


In that menu you can give personal information about you – name, age, location, contacts and short personal entry. Other players see that with the service information (points, war points, last online) in the tooltip menu when they point you in the Galaxy menu. Mind that all that information is optional.


You can leave your notes, reminders etc. or change the old ones. They last upon deletion by yourself.


Here you see your friends and ignored users.

Use that menu to send quickly messages to your friends in the game or to remove a friend. To add a friend, use the button in galaxy menu.

Ignoring a certain player means that you don’t receive personal messages from him. You can remove a player from the list at any time.

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