Ship armor

Ship Armor

The primary space ships carried the idea of being light and fast. Unfortunately this naturally decreases their defence systems and in many intergalactic battles a huge number of ships were crushed under enemy fire. The increasment of the titanium walls would have been a complicated and expensive decision, so the scientists considered working on the old designes to try and better them. The metal surface is entirely made out of metalic webs( using nano-technologic methods), that inpower the structure of the ship and delay the critic breakpoint. The process is exceptionally difficult and a lot of first-class metal is needed. That's the reason for the enormous usage of metal in this research (most of it will never be used again).The development of armor is decicive for the decreasment of damages done to the ships because of the fastly improving Weaponry systems.

With each upper level, the structure (life) of all your ships (the structure of each ship is calculated by summing the values of all resources that are invested in it) in a battle increases with 5%.

Requirements: Science facility(Level 2)

Maximal level of the research: 16


11 00000
22 00000
34 00000
48 00000
516 00000
632 00000
764 00000
8128 00000
9256 00000
10512 00000
111 024 00000
122 000 00000
134 000 00000
148 000 00000
1516 000 00000
1632 000 00000

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