Vacation mode

Vacation mode

The vacation mode provides an option to protect your account of being attacked if you are away for a couple of days or more.

As your account is in vacation mode you can’t play. You have access to Vacation menu only. Your mines don’t work. You can’t order buildings, ships, defence turrets, researches and upgrades. No fleet can be sent upon your planets except recyclers and tankers on recycling or astroploatation missions.

As you are in vacation mode, all building orders will continue their process until they are finished.

All fleets sent from or towards you will reach their target as usual.

If you used Vacation mode for 14 days, the maximum resource you can store on this planet will be 100,000 metal, 100,000 crystals and 100,000 gas (the Storages levels on your planet don't affect those values). This applies for all players, with or without status of a General.

An account in Vacation mode appears in blue in Galaxy menu.

If a vacation mode is turned on and:

  • The account is inactive for 14 days, it becomes inactive and receives an (i) (inactive) mark in Galaxy menu and open for attacks by all players.

  • The Bulfleet General status expires before day 14 inactivity, the account becomes an ordinary account and after the (i) mark appears, the account is open for attacks from all players. Otherwise, if the account is still a Bulfleet General after day 14, the system protects the account until day 20 of inactivity or if the Bulfleet General status expires between day 14 and day 20. Then that account becomes open for attacks by everyone.

  • You can login in the account at any time, but you can’t do anything except stopping the mode. Each login resets the inactivity timer.

When you stop your vacation mode, go to Parliament menu at each of your planets to start the mine production.

Types of vacation mode

There are three ways to run a vacation mode. The one is the free one for the Bulfleet General players with 48-hours length, a vacation mode for 75 nanocredits with no time of interruption limitation, but with once per a week allowance and via SMS – i.e. remote (Bulgaria only) – also with no time limitation of interruption and no requirement of Bulfleet General..

Bulfleet Generals options

The Bulfleet General players can run a free vacation mode with length at least 48 hours. That mode can be interrupted before that period with payment of a 100 nanocredits fee or via SMS (Bulgaria only) .

Specialties for Vacation Mode

In Bulfleet Universes only 10 Vacation Modes are allowed for the period of 30 days (5 for Universe SPEED). Each time when you want to activate a mode, the game checks 30 days back in the history and if you have 10 modes already (doesn't depend on the type - trough the game for 48 hours or short ones using nanocredits or SMS codes) - you won't be able to use another one. In the game you are able to see the time for you vacations in the last 30 days.

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