This is the way you transfer your resources from one planet to another. The ships reach the target planet, unload their cargo and then return to the start planet. You can transport resources either between your planets or either to another player’s planet.

In order to avoid illegal advantages, there are some limitations with this mission type.

  • Players below 10 000 points can’t receive transports.

  • The transport for players with higher points than you is allowed only if they are in your attack coefficient and if they are above 10 000 points. The transport to players below your points has no coefficient limitation, except the “10 000 points” rule.

It is highly recommendable not to abuse the transport rules. If you receive a resource credit from another player, you must return it until one week term.

Conditions of the transportation in Universe SPEED

  • Available only between members of the same Alliance.
  • Required individual coefficient of an account for transportation in the alliance – 100,000 player resources points.
  • Required coefficient of the alliance for transportation between it’s members – 100,000 alliance points.

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