Spy reports


Spy probe only flight allowed.

With espionage flight you gather information about resources, fleets and defences at your opponent’s planets. For that purpose you send Spy probes – the fastest ship in the game.

The chance for success of a spy mission depends of your and your opponents Espionage levels. In dependency of these levels, you may receive a full report with all available on the planet, an incomplete one with information for the resources only or you lose your spy probe.The espionage works the following way: 3 or more levels difference in your favor you always get a full report. 2 levels difference in your favor - 0-9% chance to receive incomplete report. Difference +-1 level the chance varies with 30%.

There are two ways to send a Spy probe – from “Fleets” and “Galaxy” menus.

Galaxy menu

1. 1. Choose the system, where your target is. 2. 2. Click the iconat the right side of your target.

Fleets menu

1. 1. Select one Spy probe and choose mission type Espionage. 2. 2. Enter the target’s coordinates. 3. 3. Send fleet!

Spy reports

There are three possible results.

  • Failed mission The spy probe has been destroyed and the mission has failed.

  • Partially completed mission You receive information about the resources on the planet, but not about the fleets and defences.

  • Successful mission You receive complete information about the resources, fleets and defences on the planet. If you see a text “Information about ships and defences” in the report, this means you have a full report. If there aren’t any ships and defences below that text, there aren’t any at all on the planet.

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