How are the online hours calculated?

How long I can stay online?

According the game rules, no player is allowed to exceed 20 hours play time per day. At Overview menu you see a timer that shows your playtime. Each “play hour” starts at hour:50 – e.g. 12:50, 13:50 etc. The game counts the activity in that period – either you clicked just once, or you play constantly full time. Our advice is if you see “Online: 19 play hours today” to stop for at least 4 hours as soon as possible. You still have less than an hour to finish your job and to go offline without rule violation. If you see “Online: 20 play hours today”, that means that you are in the 21st running play hour and you will be punished for rules violation.

Does few clicks make an whole game hour?

Yes, they do. The measure we use is the activity in the account for a certain period.59 min full time play = 1 play hour.1 min play or even a single click per hour = 1 play hour.We don’t measure the exact astronomic time of activity, but the overall activity in the account per day.

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