You can have up to 5 planets at the same time. E.g. the planet, you receive upon registration and 4 colonies. In Universe SPEED you can have up to 8 planets (one main planet and 7 colonies), in Universe 1 you may have up to 6 planets (1 main and 5 colonies).

You can delete an existing planet and colonize a new one.


Each planet has a number of characteristics. Some are relevant for the game, and some has no effect.

This is your position in the Universe. 9:999:9 means galaxy 9, system 999 and planet number 9.

This counts how many buildings you can build on that planet. Each building occupies one field.

A visual part helps you to receive orientation at which planet you. The picture can be changed for a price of 15 nanocredits.

No game play relation.

  • Coordinates
  • Fields
  • Picture
  • Temperature


Except the position, they show how much energy you receive from solar satellites.

This energy depends from the position of the planet in the system. The formula, that calculates the energy per satellite is Energy = 50-(2*Х) where Х is the planet position (the third coordinate). E.g. A planet with coordinates x:xxx:1, provides 48 energy from a single satellite, but a planet with coordinates x:xxx:15 only 20.


The fields define exactly how many buildings you can build on that’s planet surface. Each building occupies a single field.

The field count is a random number, in dependence of the planet’s position in the system. x:xxx:1-6 - receives between 80 and 120 x:xxx:7-10 - receives between 100 and 180 x:xxx:11-15 - receives between 120 and 220 A specific coordinate is not given an exact number of fields. A second colonization of a same coordinate will give a different number of fields on the new planet.

If you appraise that your planet has less fields than you need, you can increase them by payment of 100 nanocredits per 10 fields (5 for Universe 3). Go to Overview à Fields à Increase fields.

Colonize a planet

You can play with more than one planet. To create a new planet, you must colonize one. Read more here.

Planet deletion

1. Go to Options menu. 2. Click on the tab "Delete" 3. Scroll down to “Delete account or planet". 4. In section "I want to delete a planet" put a dot to the chosen planet. 5. In “Password” field enter your account’s password. 6. In Email field enter your actual account e-mail. 7. Press “I want to delete a planet” button".

Beware – both fields are key sensitive!!! Type your password and email EXACTLY as they are!

Renaming a planet

1. Go to Options menu. 2. Click on the tab "Delete" 3. Scroll down to "Renaming a planet".. 4. Choose the planet from the drop down menu. 5. Type the new name in the field on the right side – max 12 symbols. 6. Press “Save changes".

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