Longbow Archers


The Longbow Archer is a very important Archer Unit. The bigger arrows do more damage and the larger range allows you to place your Longbow archers deep within your Army. There they are at a safe distance from the enemy's Infantry and Cavalry but this doesn't work both ways - your Longbow archers will be able to hit the front lines of the enemy and thanks to the bigger arrows, you will do a great amount of damage to the opponents Cavalry. That's why the Longbow archers are inseparable part of the perfect Army. The Longbow archer has the biggest damage against Cavalry Units, who are the most important part from the enemy front line.

Type of unit: Archer

Required buildings:

  • Barracks (5th level)
  • Blacksmith (5th level)

Characteristics: Accessible to all Nations


Gold: 50

Population: 1

Iron: 10

Speed: 12

Lumber: 70

Food: 20

Power and health

Power against infantry: 20

Power against cavalry: 35

Power against archers: 25

Power against buildings: 20

Power against siege artillery: 40

Health: 40

Range: 4

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