Wood is a valuable resource, especially in the early development of a kingdom. At a later stage in the game this resource is used mostly for training archers and siege machines. Franks have no problems with it as they gain 10% more of it. Every army needs a cavalry which is an inseparable part of it. Franks have no problems with it because they train all cavalry units 10% cheaper, which is a large advantage in terms of resources. At a later stage in the game, when time is of the utmost importance transportation of resources between castles has to be done as quickly as possible. This nation has traders that are 20% faster. Upgrading units is of exceptional importance to every ruler. Every ruler invests a huge amount of resources for upgrades, but this race has to pay 10% less than other nations (doesn’t apply to veteran upgrade). Their cunning ensured that, when attacking, they can steal 25% of the resources hidden in the shelter.

The nation gets the following bonuses:

  • 10% Increased Wood Gaining rate;
  • 10% Cheaper Cavalry training (including Archer Cavalry);
  • 20% Faster Merchants;
  • 25% Faster Special Units Training;
  • 10% Cheaper Upgrade of All units (Including Veteran Upgrade if it is paid for in Resources);
  • Steals 25% of the Resources hidden in the opponent's Shelter after successful attack.

Special Unit: Battle Axeman

The Franks’ special unit, the Battle axeman gives a bonus to the skill Warrior. Apart from that the Battle axeman is an excellent battle unit with very good attacking and defending statistics. Franks are an excellent choice of nation and they can bring many fun moments on the battlefield and while developing your castles.

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