Protection is a mode which guarantees you that you will be left alone by your enemies for a while. Activation of Protection gives you the opportunity to restore your Castle and Army after enemy Attacks. While you are in a Protection mode other players cannot send Attack or Support Marches to your Castles. You are also not allowed to send Attack and Spy Marches to active players, but you can send them to inactive players. When you have activated a Protection mode all active Marches already sent to your Castles will arrive at the scheduled time and will be processed (i.e. Protection mode protects your account from future attacks and not from the ones that has been already sent to your Castles).

The first activation of Protection mode, for the round, is free of charge. Each consequtive activation costs some Credits as follows:

  • First activation is free
  • 2nd activation: 200 coins
  • 3rd activation: 300 coins
  • 4th activation: 400 coins
  • 5th activation: 500 coins

You cannot enter another protection mode until as much time has passed, since the previous protection ended, as the protection itself lasts;


You activate protection mode and it lasts for 72h. Protection mode duration finishes -> you need to wait 72h before you can activate protection mode again.

Note that you can't stop the Protection mode before its period has expired.


During the time of the Protection mode, the player's Castles don't bring any points for the Clan ranking.

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