Clan Joining

Each player is allowed to be a member of one Clan only at the same time. To join a Clan each player must send an application by clicking the “Join this clan” link on the Clan’s page. The application is sent to the Clan members who have the permission to accept new members. The Clan members see information about the applicant’s name and Experience as the name is a link to the applicant’s game profile.

If the application is approved the applicant receives a Message notifying that they have joined the Clan.

If the application is rejected the applicant receives a Message notifying that their application has been rejected.

If the application is not responded to in the 5 days in which it is active, it is automatically deleted.

The application is active for 5 days. There is no limit in the number of applications each player is allowed to send. When a player applies for more than one Clan at the same time and they are approved by one of these Clans, the rest of the applications sent become invalid.

At any time each player can:

  • leave their Clan on their own;
  • be kicked out from the Clan;

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