Wood is an important resource for every ruler. It is used for constructing buildings, developing a castle as well as in training archers and siege engines. Byzantines receive a 10% bonus on the wood income from mines which is a prerequisite for good economic and military development. This bonus helps them train their archers which, in turn, are trained 10% faster than other nations. Archers are an obligatory part of an army as they cover the infantry and cavalry on the front lines. Byzantines can hide 25% more resources in their shelter, than other nations, which protects them form the attacks of enemies. Upgrading units quickly can be the reason battles are won or lost. Byzantines upgrade their units 10% faster, than other nations, which gives them an advantage in the quality of their warriors (doesn’t apply to veteran upgrade). This nation can send 20% more marches, as compared to other nations, which allows for a larger income of resources to the castles. Byzantines are a formidable enemy on the battle field and any ruler has to keep that in mind.

The nation gets the following bonuses:

  • 10% Increased Wood Gaining rate;
  • 10% Faster Archers training;
  • 25% Increased Shelter capacity;
  • 10% Faster Upgrade for All units (Including Veteran Upgrade if it is paid for in Resources);
  • 20% More Marches than the Tavern allows;
  • 25% Faster Special Units Training;

Special Unit: Monk

The Byzantines special unit the Monk – is very important in battles, because it increases the amount of experiences gained in that battle.

Please note that the bonus on Education given by the Monks can increase the experience gained from battles ONLY.

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