The Attack is one of the most important Marches in the game because after all that’s the reason you gather Resources which you later spend on training and developing an Army – to attack your enemies. When you send an Attack you risk your soldiers. But if you win the battle you gain Experience, additional Resources, and make your enemy weaker, so they’re easier to be destroyed.


  • An Attack March can’t be sent if the Attacker and Defender have more than the allowed number of levels of difference between them (The amount of levels may differ in each game world).
  • The limit in the number of Attacks and Supports you are allowed to send depends on your Castle level, Race and Knight Items. However you should know that when you have 7 active attacks to the same Castle you will be charged with Food for every next Attack sent to the same coordinates and every consecutive Attack is going to cost 2000 Food more than the previous (i.e. the 8thattack costs 2000 food, the 9thattack costs 4000 food, the 10th- 6000 and so on).

An Attack March can be motivated for:

  • Speed Motivation;
  • Loyalty Motivation (if Noblemen are present);

Stealing Resources:

If victorious in a Battle at an enemy’s Castle or Camp as Attacker, the Attacker steals Resources from the Castle or Camp. The amount of stolen Resources is limited to the amount of Resources that the Army can carry. If a Castle is attacked, but there is no Army to defend it, the Attacker steals Resources even though there has been no Battle.

The amount of resources stolen is also limited to 50% of the resources present at the castle. The amount hidden in the shelter is subtracted from the total amount of resources, and they are then divided by 2 to get the amount stolen:

Example: If at a castle there is a total of 2000 resources. The Shelter hides 1000. The amount stolen will be 500 as (2000 - 1000)/2 = 500

Note: Resources in the Shelter can’t be stolen (except by nations which have the special bonus to steal 25% of the Resources in the Shelter).


When attacking an enemy Castle there is a way to Conquer it. To do so you must have Noblemen in your Army.When the attacker of the Castle is victorious and his Noblemen have survived the Battle, each Nobleman reduces the Castle’s Loyalty by 300 – 600 points.When the Defender's Castle Loyalty drops to 0 it can be Conquered (except for Capitals).

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