The Noble Legacy can win over your subjects in the opponent’s Castle and this way helps you take it over.

The survived Noblemen after a Battle are calculated and Every Nobleman brings down the opponent's Loyalty by 300-600. The maximum amount of loyalty that can be reduced with each successful attack is 2000. Nevertheless, if a player uses Motivation they can increase the maximum loyalty reduced with one attack to 3000, this also improves the effectivity of each Nobleman;


  • 1 Nobleman: 300 - 600 Loyalty;
  • 2 Noblemen: 600 - 1200 Loyalty;
  • 3 Noblemen: 900 - 1800 Loyalty;
  • 4 Noblemen: 1200 - 2000 Loyalty;
  • 5 Noblemen: 1500 - 2000 Loyalty;

If the Defender wins the battle and has killed Attacker's Noblemen, the Castle’s Loyalty increases according to the table above. If the maximal number of Castles that a player can have is reached, then their Noblemen stop bringing down Loyalty. Regardless of the amount of Noblemen they've killed, the defender can't increase their Loyalty with more than 2000 in a single battle.

Type of unit: Special Unit


The Loyalty that a Nobleman brings down depends on the level of the Order in the attacked Castle, defined in percentage per Nobleman:

Order Level EfficiencyLoyalty reduced per Nobleman
0 100% 300 - 600
1 80% 240 - 480
2 60% 180 - 360
3 40% 120 - 240
4 20% 60 - 120

For example:

If you attack a Kingdom that has a level 2 Order, with an army containing 5 Noblemen, their effectivity is 60%. This means that each of them will reduce between 180 and 360 Loyalty, instead of 300 to 600. If the battle is successful all the Noblemen will reduce the Loyalty with between 900 and 1800.

Noblemen have 10 defensive and 10 offensive upgrade levels. Each defensive one gives a 10% bonus to the unit's health stat. Each Offensive one gives a 10% bonus to the unit's offensive stats. Once level 10 is reached for both the offensive and defensive upgrades, a Veteran upgrade can be developed. The player has to choose whether the Veteran upgrade will affect the unit's offensive or defensive stats. These upgrades can be developed as soon as the Order is built.

Required buildings:

  • Order (1st level)

Characteristics: Accessible to all Nations.


Gold: 44000

Population: 100

Iron: 44000

Speed: 30

Lumber: 48400

Food: 65535

Power and health

Power against infantry: 2000

Power against cavalry: 2000

Power against archers: 2000

Power against buildings: 200

Power against siege artillery: 2000

Health: 2000

Range: 1

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