Archers Overview

Archers are Units armed with bows or crossbows. They are special because they can attack at a distance. Since ranged attacks are not the most accurate ones, a part of the arrows will always miss the target. Quite often some of the arrows that missed the target will accidentally hit another enemy, standing on an adjacent field.

The Archers in Battle:

The more Archers you have, the better the chance for them of regrouping and hitting multiple targets. This applies to all Units in the game - if you have more Units of one type, they tend more and more to divide into small groups and attack different parts of the enemy. To make it clear what exactly happens, we have applied the chart.

Let’s say you have 800 archers - they will divide for instance into 4 groups, respectively, of 200, 150, 230 and 220. Then, each of these groups chooses a Unit as a target. Imagine that a group of your Archers has targeted field 5. It is virtually impossible that the whole group hits the target, so there’s a chance that some of the Archers will accidentally hit the fields around the target - i.e. fields 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 or 9. Most of them will hit 5, but 2 may hit field 3, 1 may hit 6, 4 can hit field 8 and 3 can hit 9, although there aren’t any Units there. This means that these archers' damage goes to waste as in arrows on the ground. The numbers given are only given as an example.

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