Battle Report Analysis

We’re going to make an analysis of a big Battle to make the sequence clear.

At the top of the report, you can see the names of the Attacker and the Defender, their levels and their coordinates. Then, you’re given the charts with the levels of Skills for both players. You can see the bonus percentage the Skills give in the game. Below, there is a chart with the Knights and their equipped Items;

Below, there is a chart with the Units that have deserted the battlefield. This depends on the difference in the Skill “Leadership”. The maximal difference is 45%. This is possible only if the opponent has the special Units “Drummers” and a 45% difference in the “Leadership”. As you’ve probably already noticed “Leadership” is an absolutely mandatory Skill in the game.

Right before the first round, if the Attacker has Siege Machines in the Battle, you will see this message that shows information about the destruction of a Building level.

The Battle itself begins. You have a graphic model of the army lines of Attacker and Defender, separated by a Wall. When pointing onto a Unit with the mouse, you’ll get information about its number and statistics. Under the model, you see the bonuses of Special Units that might have been engaged. Bonuses of the Special Units: Battle-Axeman, Teutonic Knight, Mujahideen, Siege Tower, Drummer, Kamangir, War Lord or Huskarle are activated before the round has begun; whereas the bonus of Tangra Priest – after the end of the round. You can see the bonuses from Special Units at the bottom of the round.

Below the bonuses you can see if there are any healed Units. Each player with a level in the Healer skill is able to heal some of his wounded warriors. Players that have the Special Unit Tangra priest can heal without the Skill.

The maximum number of rounds is 12. At the end of the report, you can see how many Units the winner leaves with, or both sides in case of a draw.

If there were Nobleman in the battle there also is Loyalty information. With Noblemen you can lower the Loyalty of a Castle in order to take it over. To do that, your Noblemen have to survive the Battle and bring down the Defender's Loyalty to 0.

There is information about how much Experience points both players gain.

If the Attacker is the winner you can see how much Resources have been stolen from the Defender's Castle.

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