Soldiers die in Battles - a well-known fact by every ruler. Of course, when the dead aren’t from your Army you don’t care - but when they are your soldiers, that’s where it gets worrying. Training the Units is not in any way cheap, so a big Battle with lots of losses can be fatal to you economically. Not all the fallen in Battle are dead – in fact, quite a large number of them are injured and healing them is a great money-saver.

Whenever a battle happens, 25% of the unit losses are sent to the infirmary (except of the Noblemen). These units remain there until they are healed. The Infirmary has a capacity depending on its level. The capacity determines how much population can be "stored" at the infirmary.

  • Wounded population can be healed at a rate of 6 population per hour.

  • The users will be able to instantly finish unit healing for 1 coin per 10 minutes of healing

  • Cancelling unit healing will give back 50% of the resources spent in the first place.

  • If the castle is conquered while there is wounded population being healed or just stored in the infirmary the population inside the infirmary is reset/lost to the new owner

Maximum level: 20

Required Buildings:

  • Dwellings (10th level)
  • Blacksmith (15th level)


Please note, that the Noblemen can't be healed and they won't be included in the mentioned 25%.

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